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Here are a few of the top money pit issues of poorly maintained pools we can help you avoid:

Seeing Green?

A Green or yellow pool means algae has begun to grow and will continue to damage pool chemistry until properly treated. Green pool treatments can cost as little as $50.00 or as high $1,000.00 depending on severity.

Rough walls?

Pool walls that draw blood are not fun. Plaster or concrete pools that have not been kept in balanced water can experience scale formation or worse, plaster degridation. Descaling cost $150-$700. Replaster cost $5,000+


The most important safety measure you take with a pool is proper storage and use of chemicals. Always follow manufacture instructions when using any type chemical on a pool. Seriously take caution when handling pool chemicals.

Leaking equipment?

Equipment leaks can lead to rapid chemical loss from excess fresh water needing to be added along with  costly damage to equipment. Check equipment weekly to avoid costly repairs and water bills.

Single or VS Pump?

If your pool is still running a single speed or dual speed pump then your wasting between $50-$100 a month on electricity. A VS Pump is the most energy effienct upgrade a homeowner with a pool can make to their property. VS Pumps range between $700-$1200, but usually pay for themself within the first two seasons!

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